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Wind Power in India

Wind  Power in India
The development of wind power in India began in the 1986 with first wind farms being set up in Maharasahtra (Ratnagiri), Gujarat (Okha) and Tamil Nadu (Tuticorin) with 55 kW Vestas wind turbines. these wind power projects were supported by MNRE. capacity of wind power projects is incresaing day by day. India has the 4th largest installed wind power capacity in the world. In 2009-10 India’s growth rate of wind power was highest among the other top four countries. In the year 2015, the MNRE set the target for Wind Power generation in india capacity by the year 2022 at 60,000 MW. capacity of wind power in india was 27,441.15 MW,As of 31 July 2016. No offshore wind farm utilizing traditional fixed-bottom wind turbine technologies in shallow sea areas or floating wind turbine technologies in deep sea areas are under implementation. However, an Offshore Wind Policy was announced in 2015 and presently weather stations and LIDARs are being set up by NIWE at some locations.

Wind Power in India

Wind Power in India

wind power in Rajasthan: 4031.99 MW wind power installed as per 31.03.2016.

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Installed Wind Power Capacity
Fiscal Year End Cumulative Capacity (in MW)
2005 6,270
2006 7,850
2007 9,587
2008 10,925
2009 13,064
2010 16,084
2011 18,421
2012 20,149
2013 21,264
2014 23,354
2015 26,769

Once the location of wind farm is selected based on the available wind data, next step is to optimise the wind power out put from the farm area using the available wind turbines from the manufactures. The spacing between the adjacent wind turbine is between 5 and 9 times of the rotor diameter in the prominent wind direction and 3 to 5 times perpendicular to wind direction. Initial cost for wind turbines is greater than that of conventional fossil fuel generators and capacity expansion of existing hydro power plants with pumped storage hydro units.[25] Noise is produced by the rotor blades. This is not normally an issue in the locations chosen for most wind farms.  Most of the wind power generation is during the south west monsoon season when rivers usually flood with water generating cheaper secondary hydro power.