Weather of Rajasthan

Weather of Rajasthan

Weather of Rajasthan / weather in rajasthan today / Latest weather updates/ Current weather of rajasthan

At a Glance:

Period Temperature Rainfall
January to March 10 oC – 27 oC 4MM – 7MM
April to June 24 oC – 45 oC 11MM – 30MM
July to September 21 oC – 35 oC 100MM – 165MM
October to December 13 oC – 30 oC 3MM – 8MM
Best Weather to travel: November to February.


Detailed Overview of weather:

The geographical diversity of the state causes varied weather conditions. The weather of Rajasthan can be divided into four seasons: Summer weather, monsoon weather, post‑monsoon weather and winter weather.

Weather of Rajasthan

Weather of Rajasthan

Summer weather:
The hottest of all seasons, summer extends in Rajasthan from April to June. During summers, the temperature in Rajasthan is very high and it ranges somewhere between 32 degree Celsius and 46 degree Celsius. The place has an average temperature of 38 degree Celsius. The only place in the state which has a lower temperature during this season is Mt Abu. At day, hot winds blow from the west and these winds are called ‘Loo’.

Monsoon weather:
The Monsoon weather in Rajasthan extends from July to September. In this season, the temperature lowers down but the place witnesses increased humidity. The temperature ranges from 35 degree Celsius to 40 degree Celsius. Around 90% rains occur during this period.

Post Monsoon weather:

The Post Monsoon weather lasts from October to November. The temperature during this season ranges from 33 degree Celsius to 38 degree Celsius.

Winter weather:

People enjoy Winter weather in Rajasthan from December to March. During this season, light winds blow from the north and north east. The temperature ranges from 4 Degree Celsius to 28 Degree Celsius. In areas like Mt Abu and Churu, the temperature drops to 0 degree Celsius.

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