Rajasthan Safari Tours

Rajasthan! The name brings about a great variety of color, barren deserts, camels, etc. doesn’t it? But that is not all that Rajasthan is all about, though a majority of it is thus. Rajasthan has an abundance of wildlife as well, but many might wonder as to how this barren a land houses wildlife? That’s a question that is very natural considering the geography of that place. Rajasthan houses many wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, and two of the most important tiger reserves in the country. Therefore, there is not paucity for wildlife at this beautiful state.

Rajasthan Safari tours are Offered to have a great view of the amazing widespread view of Rajasthan. There are different safaris that are offered by the state, including desert safaris, where you can get to travel on a camel. Camel safaris are very common in Rajasthan as it is the only desert state in India, and hence, camel safaris are very famous as well.


Rajasthan has many wildlife sanctuaries as mentioned above, and at all these places, the wildlife can be viewed by availing the safari tours. These safari tours offer a full round of the whole place, or at least a majority of it, because camel safaris cannot take your around the whole of the desert. There are many sanctuaries like:

There are two very important tiger reserves, namely:

So for any of you who thought Rajasthan was a barren land with no wildlife at all, these many names and places will definitely prove you wrong.

Rajasthan Safari tours do not cost as much as the other safaris outside India do, and hence it is always affordable for everyone who wishes to take this safari tour to enjoy the beauty of the wildlife in this state.

Rajasthan Safari tours are available all throughout the year, and at fixed prices because there is no off season, but people prefer taking these safaris during the winter time because the climate becomes temperate and manageable because the desert national park and camel safari tours are impossible to manage during summers as temperatures soar to over 45 degree Celsius. These safaris have a lot of demand, and hence booking for these safaris beforehand would help save time and energy in the end. Therefore it is always wise to go for pre-booking for these safari rides.

Rajasthan’s colorful dresses, beautifully maintained camels, perfectly maintained reserves and national parks, etc. gives you a feel that you are in heaven on earth during these safari tours. Taking up these safaris is one of the best decisions you would have ever made in your life, because these safaris are so special and so amazing that no one misses these safaris during their trip to Rajasthan.