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Top 5 dishes of Rajasthan

While talking about Rajasthan it would be a crime if we do not talk about food; deliciously finger licking food! Vegetarian dishes being the core of Rajasthani food culture offers a long list of tasty dishes to try out. As the state is located in the desert region, the use of milk, ghee and butter is pre dominant in a number of dishes.
The state being rich in its culture and heritage there are innumerable good dishes to try out. But for your convenience we have tried our level best to bring out a list of top most loved dishes of Rajasthan.
#1 Gatte ki Sabji: Often taken with roti, paratha or puri this vegetarian dish is made with Besan (flour) is also a favorite among rice lovers. Besan which is a principal ingredient in most of the Rajasthani dishes is the soul of this dish.

#2 Dal-Bati-Churma: Be it a birthday, a wedding reception or any other event you are sure to find this item in the menu. This dish is credited to have catered the needs of soldiers who fought long battles in past due to its ability to last longer.

#3 Laal Maas: Good news for non-vegetarian lovers! If you thought Rajasthan is all about delicious vegetable items, you need to think again! Laal Maas is a spicy treat for red meat lover, especially mutton.

Popular Restaurants of Rajasthan

Laal maans – meat curry from Rajasthan, India. mutton curry prepared in a sauce of curd and hot spices such as red chillies


#4 Chenna Malpua: As Rajasthanis are great sweet lovers, the list of top five dishes will be incomplete without the mention of Malpuas. Paneer being the main ingredient here increases the delicacy of the dish.


#5 Ghewar: Made of flour, ghee, kewra, milk and butter this popular dessert is loved across the state of Rajasthan.

Apart from the five dishes mentioned above you can also try the varieties of Halwa, jaljeera(lemon water with milk), Thandai and lots more. So what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of these delicious cuisines and give your taste buds a treat to remember.

Interesting food facts
i) Ghee, Butter and milk are generally the major ingredients in most of the popular Rajasthani dishes. Before eating make sure your body suits spicy and fatty food.
ii) Certain dishes may not suit people coming from other parts of the country with a totally different food habit. Do some research about the ingredients before taking them.