Top 3 haunted places in Rajasthan

If you are among those logical thinkers who do not believe in ghosts let us give you a chance to think again! Mentioned below are three of Rajasthan’s most in famous places which have been scaring and trouble people since ages.

Top 3 haunted places in Rajasthan

  1. Bhangarh, Alwar:Located between Jaipur and Alwar is a place which needs no introduction! No list of haunted places in India would be complete without the mention of the scariest place in Rajasthan which is popularly known as Bhangarh. Over the centuries this place has been scaring people of all ages by the unexplained sights and incidents. There are various versions of the stories where some people say the place has been cursed by a magician while others blame the curse of a tantrik for the happenings. Whatever the truth is; the fact that there is a feeling of uneasiness in the atmosphere of Bhangarh has been testified by many.

    Believe it or not, even the archaeological survey of India has put a board which says “ Entering this area after dark is strictly prohibited”.

Top 3 haunted places in Rajasthan

The Bhangarh Fort is situated on the border of Sariska Tiger Reserve in the Aravali range in a ruined city between Jaipur and Alwar, the uninhabited city of Bhangarh.

What happens at Bhangarh Fort in the night ……

A prominent tourist attraction and often called ‘the most haunted historic sites in India’ is that nobody is allowed to live in the frightening Bhanggarh Fort premises after the dark. Strict restrictions have been imposed in Bhangarh Fort … It is compulsory to leave the fort before the evening. The main entrance of the fort is closed and the governor has placed a notice board on the main gate, which reads: “Before the sunrise the fort is visited and strictly prohibited after sunset and if the rules are violated then legal will be processed”.

It is said that spirits revolve in the fort of Bhangarh and night, strange events are recorded in the evening. People often hear strange voices, shout, crying women, buds of bangles and many strange and rarely reliable events such as voices and smells come, people have ghostly shadows, strange lights and unusual voices of music and dance coming from Bhangarh Fort Have seen It is said that if someone entered the fort after sunset and stayed there for the night, then they would never return to the fort.

The legend is that once a wizard had fallen in love with the princess of Bhangra when she saw him in the market. In love with intoxication, she had offered her a love drug of ‘Itar’ so that she agreed to marry him, but she looked at her tricks and she died. Before killing the wizard, the fort was cursed, announcing that no one can live in Bhangarh Fort. Next year a battle destroyed the entire fort.

 2. Brijraj bhavan, Kota: Famous among the locales for unexplained paranormal activities is this bhavan in Kota. Built around 180 years back this Bhavan is said to be the home of Major Burton who was killed during the revolt of Sepoy Mutiny by Indan Sepoys. Since then numerous sightings have been claimed by people who witnessed a blurred view of an old man (who according to local people is the soul of Major Burton) walking around the silent corridors of Brijraj Bhavan.

There are many haunted places in Rajasthan …. One such historical ghost story comes from Kota, Rajasthan, which is a city on the banks of Chambal river.

There are many haunted places in Kota, one of them is Birajraj Bhawan – once the palace of the former princely family of Kota and now a Heritage Hotel, Bridges Raj Bhavan was once the residence of Major Charles Burton, who was killed during the Indian Rebellion, the Indian sepoys By 1857 this Major Charles Burton resident of ghost is one of the ghostly palaces of India.

Today, this is not only a heritage hotel but also a haunted destination where the magnificent George Burton still runs the old building’s hall! It is said that guests have specifically complained of ‘inconvenient and oppressive feelings’. The staff, though reluctant to complain, has discussed an English voice often heard by a sleepy watchman, “Do not sleep, do not smoke” and after a sharp slap. It seems Burton’s ghost still patrols the mansion!


3. Kuldhara, Jaisalmer: More than 200 years back something strange…very strange took place in this small Indian village of Jaisalmer which turned a lively village in to a deserted place. Nothing much can be found in the history books about this place and thus Kuldhara still remains a mystery in the minds of people. It is believed that a series of strange missing incidents took place and almost all the people in the village dissapeared due to some unknown reasons. Their presence however can still be felt today.

This is a sad story ……

For more than 200 years, left and cursed, there is a story to tell this Rajasthani village why once the prosperous village has left nothing but an old place? Consider the rare presence of human existence, the vegetation is very low and the last beats have an attempt to wander goats. Noon the sun is terrible and Kuladhara becomes desolate … an unethical silence is prevalent all around.

About 200 years ago, Kuldhara Paliwal was home to Brahmins. During this time, Jaisalmer’s Divan Salim Singh was known for his misbehavior and methods of unethical tax collection, he established his eyes on the beautiful daughter of the village chief. The Divine Girl had the intention and she told the villagers that if they come in their own way, then they will be able to recover heavy taxes on them.

Kuldhara village

Fear of Dewan’s anger, a dark night, all the villagers fled away after their homes and everything inside them. Kuldhara was left by its own people, no one had seen thousands of members of the village. No one knows for generations now that the polyvals have re-established. They all know that when they left the city they cursed …. That no one will ever be able to sit in the pool again.


Ghost Village Kuldhara कुलधरा – ब्राह्मणों के क्रोध का प्रत्तिक जहां आज भी लोग जाने से डरते हैं।

No matter whether you believe in ghosts or not, the fact is that these stories, sightings and incidences are unexplained and have remained as mysteries since ages.

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