This happens only in Rajasthan- The Royal Enfield Temple

There are some things that only happen in Rajasthan. A temple entirely dedicated to a type of motorbike is one of them.

Our story starts with a guy called Om. Om Banna or Om Simgh Rathore was an ordinary happy-go-lucky villager in the Pali district of Rajasthan. One fine day, the poor chap decided to go to a nearby village called Chotila.  As fate would have it, on the way, he struck a tree. He immediately met his end and his body was found later by the villagers.

Now, the motorcycle he owned was a 350cc Royal Enfield bullet. Yeah, the one that goes dug…dug…dug..dug. The police took the bike away from the accident spot, but to their wonder the next day it returned to the same spot.

Creepy right?

Next day, they took it back and chained the bike to a tree.  To their horror (or maybe amusement, as Rajasthanis are brave) it again returned to the spot where the accident had taken place

Days passed by and after a number of futile efforts it was evident that the police were unable to do anything about the bike.

Cut to present, the spot is now the Om Banna or Bullet Baba temple. Many visit this temple every day to seek the blessings of the motorcycle. As per their faith, this ensures safe journey.

Don’t believe us? Here is the shrine and the motorcycle.