The Popular Nagaur Fair

Counted among the best fairs in India this fair can undoubtedly give you a unique experience in your lifetime. This unusual fair of Nagaur district which falls between Jodhpur and Bikaner holds the 2nd position in the list of most famous fairs in India.


The Popular Nagaur FairHeld every year in the month of January- February this fair lasts for a week which attracts thousands of curious travelers and tourists from different parts of country. A variety of animals starting from cattles, bullocks, camels and horses are traded by owners who comes from every corner of the state. The animals are finely decorated so as to lure the buyers who spend handsome amount to buy these animals. Apart from animals, wooden crafts, animal leather accessories and fancy items are also kept in

Other activities


If you thought Nagaur fair is all about Camels, horses, bullocks and cattles you need to think again. There are a number of exciting sporting events which are not generally seen in normal Indian fairs. Mentioned below are some of the unusual events that are a part of this fair:

  1. i) Camel races: If you have never experienced a camel race before, then you SHOULD NOT miss this event. Enjoy the thrilling race amidst enthusiastic audience cheering for their favorite camel.
  2. ii) Cock fights: Most of us have heard or seen cock fights in movies and TV series but how many of us have actually seen this competition live?

iii) Puppet dance: Puppet dance is another event which is directly linked to Rajasthan’s identity. Tourists, especially the foreigners take immense pleasure.


  1. iv) Folk songs: Can there be any celebration, fair or festival without the presence of Rajasthani folk song in background? Throughout the week long fair you will witness a number of local shows and folk artists performing enchanting dance shows.
  2. v) Food, food and food: If you have not yet got the chance to give your taste buds a treat of local food items then the food stalls set across the fair is just for you. Enjoy a variety of sweets, snacks and other local food items at a reasonable price.