Temple of Shri Rani Sati Dadi Maa Jhunjhunu Temple in Rajasthan

The state of Rajasthan is not just known for its history of Rajas and Maharajas, or for the heavily rich Havelis but it is also famous for its ancient temples. And the place Jhunjhunu of Rajasthan is no less in proving its richness in the spiritual touch. Rani Sati Temple is a famous temple jhunjhunu Rajasthan You can reach here by taking Rajasthan car rental services.

The district is famous because of the famous Rani Sati temple which is located in the center of Rajasthan. There is a 400 year old history in the temple. There are 12 small and 1 main temple in all 13 Sati temples in this complex, in which the Queen is dedicated to Sati Dadi. With a red tilt flag on top built in pure white marble, the form of the building is interesting and the whole building looks stunning. A huge statue of Lord Shiva between the complex complex surrounded by lush green gardens combines the beauty of the place.

Temple of Shri Rani Sati Dadi Maa Jhunjhunu Temple in Rajasthan


Inside the temple, inside the place are adorned with fine murals and the mosaic of the charming rich, reflecting the entire history of the place, is to catch the eyes. I caught a seat in the middle of the room, trying to soak in every detail … Like the Khatu, the history of this temple takes you back in the time of Mahabharata. When Abhimanyu (the son of great Pandavas, Arjuna) lost his life fighting the Mahabharata, his wife and early mother-in-law, Uttara had a desire to sati and end his life. Noting that the innocent would not be suitable to kill the child born yet, Lord Krishna stopped it from doing so, since he was firm, he boasted that his desire to become a sati was fulfilled in the next life. Will. After many years, there was rebirth in the form of Tanandh Das as Uttara Narayani Bai and Abhimanyu. Tandhanda Das has a beautiful horse that was seen for some time from the son of Hissar King. But Tandhan Das handed it over to his son and refused to participate with his precious horse. Upon taking the decision to get empowered, the King’s son faced him in that war, he killed the king’s son. This made the King angry and soon he decided to take revenge. After some time, Tandhan was married to Das Narayani Bai. After the marriage, during his return to his village, suddenly his army attacked him. Tandhan Das was beaten on the back and lost his life, before he bravely fought. The young bride, Narayani Bai, demonstrated excellent grace and bravery alone by fighting the army and killing the king. He asked Raniji (caretaker of the horse) to arrange an immediate arrangement to fire with his husband’s funeral. Very happy with Ranji, who played an important role in fulfilling his desire to become a sati with his husband, he blessed them that his name will be taken and worshiped before his name, and since then he will be known as Rani Sati Is known. Immediately after this, his influence of ‘Sati’ (truth and loyalty) spontaneously set fire to fire. One storm asked Rana to take a horse and stop the horse and build a temple. The horses were stuck in Jhunjhunu, where the temple is still standing … to raise my neck, I saw a graffiti on the terrace – Narayani Bai lapped in his lap, flashed in the flames, Ranji was in the background With the horse. Very beautiful, it seemed like it was made yesterday. Mankind was equally the main sanctuary area.

Unlike most temples in India, this temple does not decipher the idol or image of any god or goddess, this fact makes it more unique. Two eyes, nose ring, a red dot and a trident of red color is worshiped as the power and strength, which is supreme power according to Hindu religion. A good picture of the Queen Sati Daddy, located in the Holy (Pradhan Mandal) with a stunning peak.

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