Sukh Devi Mata Temple, Bedla

Sukh Devi Mata Temple, is also known as Bedla Mata Mandir is very famous in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Sukh Devi temple has become the most religious place for Udaipur people and everybody come here from distance to offer goods and pray for their families. People of Udaipur and near villages worship here for better health and prosperity.

The architecture of Sukh Devi Mata temple is very beautiful and it has been modified recently. For yojna, there is the hawan kunda outside the inner temple. The material for the construction of the temple is stone and lime.
Everybody has strong faith in the miraculous power of the Devi. There are large number of people who come every day, which includes local visitors and tourists. People come in large numbers on festival days. On such days, the Pooja celebrations of Sukh Devi Mata Temple are held with great enthusiasm. On navratras, Diwali, dussehra, and other festival days, programmes, Bhajan Sandhya and various other things are held and every occasion is celebrated with great enthusiasm and energy.
Navratras is the main festival for the Temple which is a nine day festival. There is large number of people who come and celebrate here. Some belongs from nearby area and some from outside, walk from their home to take blessing of Mata Rani.
There are many reasons for which one should visit this place like, there is a place on the hill top near the Mata ji temple which is called oodi in local language, from where maharaja’s of Udaipur used to hunt and some years ago there was a long cave found by local people which is too long in length.
There is a temple known as Ambamata in local which is on the hill attached to Sukhdevi Mata Temple. The view from the top of the hill is very peaceful. The sunrise view from the top is mesmerizing and is a must visit for everyone.
The temple is situated in the Bedla Village. It is near national highway 76, and is easy to reach this temple as its famous all over Udaipur and its nearby villages.