state wise vegetarian population in india

Our country, India is believed to be predominantly vegetarian across the world. Notably, the states like Rajasthan and Gujarat are more imposed into the ideologies of religion and caste where vegetarianism is often assumed as a norm. And, this thing recently came into highlight when a nationwide survey conducted by the Office of Registrar General & Census Commissioner, revealed this fact.

There are no state where you find total vegetarian population. In fact only 31 per cent of Indians are vegetarians. The figure is 21 per cent for families (with all vegetarian members). Another nine per cent of the population is `eggetarian,’ or vegetarians who eat eggs.

state wise vegetarian population in india


Following are the states (Almost all landlocked states except Gujarat) where vegetarian population is in higher percentage compare to coastal states,

Rajasthan (63 per cent)

Haryana (62 per cent)

Punjab (48 per cent)

Gujarat (45 per cent)

Madhya Pradesh (35 per cent)

Uttar Pradesh (33 per cent)

According to SRS (sample registration system) baseline survey 2014 released by the registrar general of India, 71% of Indians over 15 years of age are non-vegetarian. Out of which, Rajasthan has the highest number of vegetarians with 76.6 percent of women, and 73.2 percent are men.

rajasthan vegetarian stateBut, interesting part that is stated about Rajasthani cuisine is that it is influenced by the Rajputs, who are typically non-vegetarians. In authentic dishes, their diet consisted of Laal Maas, Safed Maas, Khaad Khargosh, and much more.

And, nowadays with the evolution, there has been so much change in the diets, eating habits, and choices of people as per conditions and regions.

Following other things to the mark, this latest census proves that Rajasthan has changed a lot and many new facts are frequently appearing in highlights when it comes to the cultural aspect of Rajasthan.

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