Safety tips for women traveling to India

We know very well that women’s are not safe, though at home or while travelling. They need protection every time from the outside world because people sitting nearby you may be correct or may not be. As we cannot read anyone’s mind thus, some useful safety tips can help women fight against wrongs and protect them while travelling from long distance to India.

Safety tips for women traveling to India

Safety tips for women traveling to India

Women’s are sensitive and they believe everybody easily, specially when they are in place which is totally new to them. If they come from foreign countries, it means they are not familiar with India’s language. Thus people make them fool and charge lots of many just by fooling them. They cannot understand language, they cannot know how and where to go and many more. But if you will keep a perfect guide that suits you and your needs, then you will find yourself in safety hands. Not only this, but there are many more things and points you need to take care of.


Actually, there are lots of negative press about traveling in India, in case of women. But let me know you that those who have already travelled India and are familiar with this country states in a single statement that- “India is not as scary as you may have heard!” You will love this place once you visit. Only at first you will feel some difficulties coming your way.


Below are useful tips to help women travelling to India first time:-

  • Learn how to adjust culturally to be aware of all problems and also change the way of travel to suit India:- If you are in India, you should take care of Indian cultures and rules and you should not point out on their cultures and traditions. You should not disturb the traditions as you are here and you should respect. You should live around Indian people to learn culture and respect it too.
  • You should be confident and absolute rather than being polite:- Most important point you should take care of is that you should be confident and smart enough to cope up with every issue arising or may arise, if any. Being polite can give you trouble and loss.
  • Cover up yourself like Indians and dress accordingly:- You should dress up like Indians, t match with their style and tradition. This will help you in keeping bad peoples away and makes tour easier.
  • Copy the local Indian women:- Local Indians wear sarees, suits and bindi, bangles etc. You will feel happy to wear and dress up like Indians. You will learn something new about wonderful dresses they wear.
  • Avoid traveling or wandering alone at night because it is not safe for women. Now a days rape cases are also increasing heavily and rapidly thus you should rest instead of traveling at night.


Many obstacles will come in your way but you cannot stop enjoying and experiencing new world just because of fear. With lots of adventure and mind blowing experience it is really an Incredible India and must be rewarded.