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Rajasthan Sampark- a grievance redressal mechanism

Rajasthan Sampark- a grievance redressal mechanism !
SAMPARK is initiative by Government of Rajasthan for Public Grievance (PG) redressal mechanism against various state government department of Rajasthan. Rajasthan Public Grievance (PG) portal www.sampark.rajasthan.gov.in is Online complain system inline with Central government Public Grievance (PG) portal www.pgportal.gov.in for citizen of India. Government of Rajasthan has been continuously striving to bring in excellence in citizen service delivery by ensuring transparency and minimizing grievances. As an initiation to ensure proper service to the citizen. a project named “Rajasthan Sampark” has been implemented through Department of IT and Communications.The project paves the way for a common man to reach the departments of the State Government for their queries and concerns. with the help of Information Communication and Technology (ICT) Interventions.

Contact Rajasthan (Rajasthan Sampark) getting around in any department or any government department if no irregularities and complaints about certain problems and to resolve them has created a web portal by which you present in the office without being online can put your complaint. People can lodge their complaints regarding delivery of government service through its web-portal, eMitra kiosks, mobile application or by simply calling in at the call centre.

राजस्थान संपर्क जहां राज्य के किसी भी नागरिक संबंधित विभागों को उसकी / उसके शिकायतों दर्ज कर सकते हैं एक केंद्रीकृत मंच के साथ नागरिकों को प्रदान करने की दिशा में करना है। यह मुख्य रूप से एक राज्य स्तरीय एकीकृत वेब पोर्टल है जो संबोधित करने और विभिन्न नागरिक केन्द्रित प्रश्नों और सरकारी सेवाओं से संबंधित शिकायतों के निवारण के लिए संपर्क का एक बिंदु के रूप में कार्य करेगा के साथ कॉल सेंटर के होते हैं। नागरिकों को इस पोर्टल के माध्यम से किसी भी सरकारी विभाग / कार्यालय के खिलाफ उनकी शिकायतों दर्ज कर सकते हैं और शिकायत निवारण के लिए आगे संबंधित कार्यालय / विभाग को भेजा जाएगा। राजस्थान संपर्क के माध्यम से. राजस्थान सरकार के सुशासन अर्थात के सभी महत्वपूर्ण पहलुओं को प्राप्त करना चाहता है। मजबूत वितरण प्रणाली. पारदर्शिता. संचार. शिकायत निवारण और संवेदनशीलता नागरिकों के प्रति।

Rajasthan Sampark- a grievance redressal mechanism

Rajasthan Sampark- a grievance redressal mechanism

Rajasthan connections to departmental website: “Rajasthan contact common complaints recorded and is addressing the problems of finding innovative . On it you will find:
1. Without the problems present in the office facility to file online .
2. Rajasthan Panchayat Samiti and district level free of charge on contact centers to facilitate the filing of complaints .
3. Citizen Call Center (18.001.806.127) to file complaints through the phone to get the information free of charge to facilitate trade . ”

What topics have complained: around you can recommend any irregularity or breach of any departmental government can warn that such

If you are running around an unauthorized venture
Illegal liquor stores
The lack of teachers in school
The police insolence
Buses without permit
And also because of flaws in any manner may be .
How to file a complaint:

http://sampark.rajasthan.gov.in/ visit and thence you will find an option “LODGE YOUR GRIEVANCE” After clicking on it you will be asked for your identification details attached to it and that you refer your complaint If you want to upload any document related information is connected to the right as possible and then submit your complaint to information . Samndhit your complaint will be sent to the Department .
But keep in mind:

1. Information written in bullet form but preferably full .
2. With your mobile no. / Do not hang up. / Identity. Must be filled. so that’s you. M.S. To be informed .
3. If you have ever been given complaint referring to it must then give O .
4. Pending the judicial record Wado survivors .
5. Make sure to enter the category of libel problems such as private or public or state employee is .
6. Be aware of your complaint complaint number for further reference .
7. The complainant will be solely responsible for filing false complaints .
8. Document Output Resolution (ppi) 150 Scan .

A few important things:

After your complaint redressed confirmation will be sent via text message to your mobile phone and in certain conditions. you also get their ivr call that your complaint has been resolved .
If your complaint is not within the prescribed period if no response for that reminder may also daal .
Citizen complaint by phone toll-free number you call center (18001806127) You can also get information and can salvage .
If your first. has no complaints about the new complaint. please do not forget to give a reference to the complaint at the time of the old officers would ease in the determination of your complaint .
For more information. call the Citizens Center (18001806127) can call or email rajsampark@rajasthan.gov.in if you can . you can download mobile app from here
Through Rajasthan Sampark, Government of Rajasthan intends to achieve all important aspects of good governance viz. Robust Delivery System, Transparency, Communication, Grievance Redressal and Sensitivity towards citizens.

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