Rajasthan, India’s Most Beautiful, Fascinating, Delicious Region

“The colors of Rajasthan never fail to captivate,” a local man once told me. A region blanketed with bright tie-dyed saris, mirror-studded cloths and artful patchworks, Rajasthan epitomizes India at its most exotic. Besides the extravagant palaces, temples and forts, the people of Rajasthan have also given it a distinctive character that sets it apart from the rest of India.

As we head east leaving Rajasthan behind us, this photo essay is a tribute to the region that have both fascinated and intrigued me. Here are some of my best shots of its beautiful people, photographed in Udaipur, Jaisalmer, the Thar Desert and Jaipur.
school girls performing at pushkar camel-fair
school girls performing at pushkar camel-fair