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Sri Ganganagar is the north most district of Rajasthan. It shares its northern boundary with Punjab state and the western boundary with Pakistan and is attached with Hanumangarh and Bikaner from east and south respectively.


The history of Sri Ganganagar is related with the history of Bikaner. Rao Bika, the son of Rao Jodha who was the founder of Jodhpur founded Bikaner in 1488 AD.  Present Sri Ganganagar was the part of princely state of Bikaner. Later one of his descendant Maharaja GangaSingh established a well planned city and named it as Sri Ganganagar.

The plan of this city was drawn during the construction of canal on Satlej River to supply water in the western part of Bikaner. Irrigated parts of Bikaner district were then incuded in Sri Ganagnagar and then sub-divided into Hanumangarh.


According to census 2011 the total population Sri Ganganagar is 19,69,168 of which the total male population is 10,43,340 and the female population is 9,25,828, where the growth rate of the population comparing to the census 2001 is 10.04%. Density of Sri Ganganagar is 179 persond per km square. Sex ratio of this district is 887 girls per 1000 boys. Average literacy here is 69.64% of which the total male literacy is 78.50% and the female literacy is 59.70%.


Places of Interest

Laila Majnu ka Mazar is the tomb of fabled lovers Laila and Majnu, is situated in the Binjaur village, 11km away from Anupgarh, Sri Ganganagar. They both died here together and their tombs have now become the symbol of love. Every year fair is held here, newlyweds and couples from far places come here to visit this fair.

Bror village is famous for the unearthed Indus valley civilization. Several artifacts, skeletal remains and buildings have been found in the vicinity of the village. That’s why this place attracts several history lovers here.

Balaji dham is temple devoted to lord Hanumanji. It is surrounded by numerous other temples.

Anupgarh fort, Hindumalkut border, Suratgarh super critical thermal power station, Shri Budhha Johar Sahib Gurudwara are some another places to visit in Sri Ganganagar.

Transportation in Sri Ganganagar

Unmetered taxis are the main medium of travel inside and nearby the city.

How to reach

Amritsar airport is the nearest airport, almost 4 and half hour drive away from Sri Ganganagar to reach here via airways. It is an international airport.

Sri Ganganagar railway station is well connected with the major and minor cities of India. Many express and superfast trains daily arrive here.

Many RSRTC and private buses are easily available from here to many major and minor cities of India.


Ghaghar is the only river which passes through this district.

Special about Sri Ganganagar

This city is one of the first modern well planned cities of India. It is divided into residential block and the commercial block including the agricultural marketplace.

Sri Ganganagar is called as “the food basket of Rajasthan” because fields cover the most of the part of this district. The specialty of this place is this that this place was once barren, then the King of Bikaner GangaSingh ji constructed Gang Canal which brings the access water from Punjab and Himachal to direct the fields of Sri Ganganagar.

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