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Sirohi is located in the heart of Aravali ranges. It is popularly called as ‘devnagari'(city of God). It is one of the most beautiful city of Rajasthan. The only hill station of Rajasthan Mount Abu belongs to Sirohi district. Sirohi is also called as ‘Hirohi’ in local language.


The Devra Chauhan king of Jalore Rao Sobha singh came here in 1206 AD and found this beautiful place on the Sirawan hills of Arawali range, this is the reason behind the name of this city Sirohi, because of the hills on which it is located. This region was spread from the east of Aravali to the Abu. It is said that 999 bells (bells of temples) used to rang in this kingdom. That means there were 1000 temples here, that’s why this place is also called as ‘devnagari’. Later the king founded many nearby villages and places and constructed many beautiful and artistic forts, palaces and temples there, after that this entire region was named as Sirohi.

After the independence of India Sirohi district was under the Bombay government from 5 January 1949 to 25 January 1950, after that it was merged with Rajasthan.

Sirohi District Guide Map Rajasthan


According to census 2011 the total population of Sirohi is 10,36,346 of which the total male population is 5,34,231 and the female population is 5,02,115. The total growth in the population in comparison with the census 2001 is 21.76%. The density of Sirohi is 202 persons per km square. Sex ratio is here 940 females per 1000 males. Average literacy of this place is 55.25% of which the male literacy 69.98% and the female literacy is 39.73%.

Places of Interest

Mount Abu is the only hill station of Rajasthan and one of the most beautiful places of India. It is located on the highest peak of Arawali ‘Gurushikhar’.  Jain temples, the government museum, wildlife sanctuary of Mount Abu are the best places to visit here.

Dilwara is a famous Jain pilgrimage and is popular among tourists because of the amazingly beautiful Jain temples that are located here.

Ajari, Jhadoli, Varman villages and Vasant garh, Mirpur temple, Ambeshwar ji temple are some must visit places of Sirohi.

Transportation in Sirohi

Once you enter in the city you can easily hire taxi or auto rickshaw. Tourist buses are also available to travel inside the city and the nearby tourism places. Rental cars are also available.

How to reach

Nearest domestic airport is Jodhpur and international airport is Ahemdabad to reach here via airways.

Sirohi district has 9 Railway Stations, among them main station is located in the Sirohi city and is connected with many major cities of India.

State buses of government and private buses both connect Sirohi to many major and minor cities of India, in which delux and non delux both kinds of buses are available.


West Banas, Sukri, Posliya, Khati, Kishanavati, Jhula, Survata are the rivers which passes through and near by this district.

Special about Sirohi

Sirohi has the highest elevation of Rajasthan in Mount Abu, which is located on highest peak of Aravali range ‘The Gurushikhar’. The majestic beauty of this place the most special thing about Sirohi.



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