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Pratapgarh is the newest district of Rajasthan. It is located in the southern part of Rajasthan and is surrounded by Chittorgarh, Udaipur and Bansawara from north, west and south and shares its eastern boundary with Madhya-pradesh.

Pratapgarh District Guide Map Rajasthan


In 14th century Maharana Kumbha the king of Chittorgarh had some despute with his younger brother Kshemkaran and expelled him from the state. Then Kshemkaran and his family started living in the arravali ranges. Later his son Surajmal ruled the nearby territory Devgarh and for years their family ruled there. Then one of his descendant in 17th century Maharawat Pratap Singh 10th generation from him found the climate of Devgarh inappropriate for royal family and moved his capital to a near by place and named it as Pratapgarh.

It is a myth that the name of Pratapgarh is as after the great Maharana Pratap but the truth is that it’s name is as because of Maharawat Pratap Singh.

After the independence of India Pratapgarh accepted to remain a part of the Indian state on one condition, that it would be an independent district. So it was an district till 1947-1952 after that because of some reconstitution of district boundaries it became part of Nimbahera district then Chittorgarh district. Then after long struggle of 56 years it was again declared as independent district in 26 January 2008.


According to census 2011 the total population of Pratapgarh is 8,67,848 of which the male population is 4,37,744 where the female population is 4,30,104. The growth rate in the population according to census 2001 is 22.78%. The total density of this place is 195 persons per kilometre square. The sex ratio in Pratapgarh is 983 females per 1000 males. Average literacy here is 55.97% of which the male literacy is 69.50% and the female literacy is 42.35%.

Places of interest

Sita mata wildlife sanctuary is spread over the Aravali and Vindhyachal ranges. Three rivers that flows from this forest makes it more beautiful, Jakham and Karmoj are the major of them. The most amazing thing about this sanctuary is the flying squirrel.

Jakham dam which is made on the Jakham river is one of the favourite location of photographers. The hills arround the dam makes a wonderful location for photoshoots.

Devgarh is located on and surrounded by hills. It was once the capital of Pratapgarh. Jain temples of Devgarh are famous for their artistic looks.

Gautameshvar temple, Bhanwar temple, Baba bhayaharan nath dham are some other tourism places of Pratapgarh.

Transportation in Pratapgarh

Taxis are easily available on affordable rents to travel inside and nearby places of Pratapgarh.

How to reach

Udaipur is the nearest airport 145 km away from Pratapgarh to reach here via airways.

Mandsaur(MP) and Chittorgarh (Rajasthan) are the nearest Railway Stations 32 and 110 km away, to reach Pratapgarh via railways. Pratapgarh do not have any railway line.

Pratapgarh is well connected with the major cities of Rajasthan via roadways.


Mahi, Jakham and Sivan are the main rivers that flow in and nearby Pratapgarh.

Special about Pratapgarh

Pratapgarh is the second highest area of Rajasthan after Mount Abu with the elevation of about 491 meters.

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