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Kota is the major city of Hadoti region and the third largest city of Rajasthan. This city is located in the south-easterm part of Rajasthan on the banks of Chambal river.

Kota District Guide Map Rajasthan


In the 12th century Hada chieftain Rao  Deva, Chouhan Rajput founded Bundi and Hadoti. Later in 1631 AD the mughal emperor Jahangir make Kota  saperate kingdom and handed it over to the second son of Rao Ratan Madho Singh.

Kota became a powerful and independent state after Bundi state of Hadoti region became weak.


According to the census 2011 the total population of Kota is 10,01,694 of which the female population is 5,28,601 and the female population is 4,73,093. Kota is world’s 7th most densely populated city holding the total density of 12,100 people per kilometre square. Sex ratio of Kota is 895 girls per 1000 boys. Average literacy of Kota is 82.80% of which the male literacy is 89.49% and the female literacy 75.33%.

Places of interest

Garh palace or City Palace is the center of attraction for all the tourists of Kota. This palace is built with the proper Rajputi architecture and is really adorable.

Maharao Madho Singh museum has an amazing collection of ancient Rajput miniature paintings of the Kota school.

Jagmandir us another splendid place to enjoy the beauty of this region. This was made by one of the queen of Kota in 18th century and is located in the middle of the Kishore Sagar lake.

Abheda mahal, Seven wonder park, Chambal garden, Kota Barrage Khade Ganeshji ka mandir are some another places to visit in Kota.

Transportation in Kota

Local buses are the most efficient, cheap and safe way to travel inside the city. They almost every major area of the city

There are four railway stations in Kota, so you can also choose local trains to travel from one place to another inside the city

Unmetered taxis, tempos, auto rickshaws, cycle rickshaws, cabs can easily be hired. Car rental companies like Savari and Kota cabs are also be used.

How to reach

Kota has its own airport yet there are very few direct fights, but you can reach via Jaipur and Delhi nearest airports.

Kota is well connected via Mumbai-Delhi rail route. Many express, superfast, Rajdhani etc trains daily arrives here.

Delux, non delux, private, public all buses from almost every city are easily available to Kota.


Chambal is the major river of Kota which is tributary of Yamuna river and flows in the southern part of Kota and forms natural boundary between Rajasthan and Madhya-pradesh. Kali sindh, Parvati, Au Nawaj, Parveen are tributary rivers of Chambal which also flows through the city.

Special about Kota

Institutes of Kota for the preparation of one of the most toughest exam of the world and the biggest competition exam of India Jee, are ranked number one among all the institutes of India. Students from entire India come here to study. Now these institutes have their branches in many other states.

Thats why Kota is popularly known as education city as it is the education hub. Some major Universities of Rajasthan are also situated here.




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