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In the northern part of Rajasthan on the banks of Ghaghar river the small yet elegant city Hanumangarh is situated. Ghaghar river is actually the ancient Saraswati river.

Hanumangarh District Guide Map Rajasthan


Hanumangarh was established by King Bhupat son of Bhati king so at that time the name of this city was Bhatner. Many mughal and Rajput kings ruled over here. Finally in 1805 AD the possession of this was taken by the Bikaner Kingdom and it continued to be under Bikaner till the independence of India. It was a part of Ganganagar district at that time, later in 12.7.1994 it was got separated and become the Hanumangarh district.


According to the census 2011 the total population of Hanumangarh district is  17,74,692  of which the male population is 9,31,184 and the female population is 8,43,108. There is the growth rate is 16.91% in the population compared with the 2001 census. The density is 184 persons per kilometre square and the sex ratio is  906 for 1000 boys. The average literacy is 67.18% of which the male literacy is 77.41% where the female literacy is 55.84%.

 Places of interest

The Bhatner fort or Hanumangarh fort is the centre of attraction for all the tourists of Hanumangarh and is included in one of the oldest forts of India. The beauty of this place will make you to not move your eye from it.

Temple of Shri Gogaji is sacred place. This temple is devoted to folk god Shri GogaJi and is located 2km from the Gogamedi Railway Station.

Temple of Dhuna Shri Gorakh Nathji, Shri Kabootar Sahib Gurudwara, Temple of Bhadrakaliji, Brahmani mata temple, Kalibangan Archaeological Museum and site are some of the most famous places of Hanumangarh which makes it a must visit place.

Transportation in Hanumangarh

For the sake of the growing crowd of tourists in Hanumangarh, government has provided ample of transportation mediums inside the city. Tourists can easily take auto rikshaw or city bus to travel towards any place in the city and also can easily hire rental cars or mini bus to travel inside the city and also to the near by villages.

How to reach

You can reach Hanumangarh via both Railways and Roadways. Hanumangarh is well connected with the major and minor cities of India via Railways and Roadways. Trains and buses are easily available for any place in India from this city.


There is only one river is there of Hanumangarh that is The Ghaghar river which was also called as Saraswati river in ancient times. This river flows only in monsoon season.

Special in Hanumangarh

Hanumangarh is famous for its temples and historical places. The Bhatner for is charm for every tourist. This city was part of the Indus Valley civilization, so the tourists who are lovers of history must visit this place.

This city is famous from the ancient times for the agricultural market place where the cotton and wool are woven on handlooms and sold.