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The Banswara district forms the eastern part of the region known as Vagad or Vagwar. It was named after a Bhil ruler ‘Bansia’ who was defeated by Maharaval Jagmal Singh in 1529 CE. It is also known as ‘City of hundred islands’ due to numerous islands situated in Mahi river, which flows through the Banswara district.

Demographics of Banswara
Total Population: 1,798,194
Area: 5,037 sq km
Sex ratio: 979
Average literacy: 57.2 %
Major Religion: Hinduism
Languages spoken: Hindi, Rajasthani

Places to see in Banswara
Following are the tourist destinations in Banswara:
1. Abdullah Pir
2. Andeshwar Parshwanathji
3. Tripura Sundari
4. Anand Sagar Lake
5. Mahi Dam
6. Raj Mandir(City Palace)
7. Wildlife Attractions

Shopping in Banswara

1. Nakshatra Mall, Udaipur-Dungarpur Link Road, famous for many retail shops.
2. Gol Choraha, Banswara: it is famous for many good restaurants and other handicrafts shops.

Transportation :
Local Bus: There are separate buses available for different routes.
Taxi/ cab: Taxis are available throughout the city.
Auto Rickshaws: This is also a good mode of transport which is easily available.
Rental Cars: If you can spend a few extra bucks, go for a rented car and roam in ease.

How to reach Banswara
By railways:
No matter in which Indian state you are, the city of Banswara is connected to major cities of the country by Indian Railways. Nearest railway station is Ratlam Railway Station, located around 80 km from the city.
By roadways:
Thanks to the sound highway connectivity, Bus or private vehicle from different parts of the country.
By Air:
If you can manage to spend some extra bucks you can reach here by airways too. There are number of flights throughout the day to and from different Indian cities and within the state. The nearest airport is Udaipur airport, located 160 km away.