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History of Alwar
Alwar, one of the oldest cities of rajasthan dates back to 1500 BC has a mythological connection which states that the epic battle of Mahabharata was first fought here in Alwar. The city was founded by the Kachh family of Amber which then passed to Rajputs and finally to Mughals. It was only after Independence, this city was merged with the state of Rajasthan.

As per the 2011 census the demographics of Alwar district are as follows:
Total Population: 3,674,179
Population growth: 22.78%
Area: 8380 km2
Sex ratio: 895
Literacy: 70.70%
Major Religion: Hinduism

Places of interest in Alwar
Since you are in Rajasthan no matter where you go you are likely to see a number of ancient forts and lovely castles; and Alwar is not an exception to this. Though there are a number of places to visit here we have brought before you some of the most important places to visit here.
1) Bhangarh Fort
2) Siliserh Lake
3) Vijay Mandir Palace
4) Sariska Tiger Reserve
5) Ajabgarh fort
6) Garbhaji Falls
7) Jaipol Fort
Shopping in Alwar

There are some exciting stuffs to be bought from Alwar. Let us keep aside the usual branded items and speak about those things which are exclusively available in
i) Bazaza-Bazar: Textile items, silk items and zardosi.
ii) Churi Bazar: as the name suggests this market is all about bangles. Colorful and vibrant bangles.
iii) Malakhera Bazaar: famous for decorative items, showpieces and other handicraft items.
Transportation In Alwar

You can avail government bus services or opt for private mode of transport such as private vehicles, auto rickshaw, cabs and taxis.
How to reach Alwar?
By Railways
You can reach here by train from other Indian cities as well as from other places inside the state.
By Airways
Since there are no flights from major Indian cities. However you can avail the Jaipur Airport which is just 130 kms from Alwar.
By roadways
Buses and private cars commute well through the highways.