Punrasar Balaji Temple,Bikaner, Rajasthan

About Temple
Vikram Samvat Punrasar Balaji temple was founded in 1775, Jaistha Sudi on the day of the full moon. The temple is surrounded by sand dunes. Located approximately 57 kilometers from the Bikaner. In addition to the main temple, Hanuman idol Khejadi can be seen under the trees. Here, newborn children or Jadula (Mundan) hair shaving ceremony takes place in an ancient Hindu custom. Churma offerings, wheat flour, butter and sugar, a sweet dish prepared offerings (sweet offering daily to God) by the priest are distributed among the devotees. Offerings before (fruition) offering is offered to Lord Hanuman and then is distributed to the devotees.

Temple Legend
According to legend, Punrasar 1774 Jairam Das dull village, Punrasar resident was hit by famine, Punrasar left in search of food. When he was returning with sacks loaded on a camel cart, camel’s foot was broken and it was unable to walk. Therefore, Jairam Das asked his colleagues to return to the village. That night, Jairam Das, had a dream. Suddenly he felt like someone was calling her name. He got up and looked around, but could not find anyone. He went to sleep, but then he heard the same voice, but he still did not find anyone. With folded hands, he prayed to Lord Hanuman, which was making the sound appear asking. Hanuman assured him that after installing this statue, all problems will be solved. Jairam Das said his camel broken leg so he can not move forward. Pandit (priest) said that his camel well, and Jai Ram Das to be able to see that his camel was ready to walk and was amazed. He took with him the idol of Lord Hanuman and set it in the village Punrasar. Jairam Das told the priest that he himself or his family members should take care of God. Then Jairam Das care of this temple are the successors since.

Festivals, worship, and function
Each year, three popular fairs Sudi Chaitra Purnima, ASOJ Sudi full moon, and are held at the temple on Bhadrapad.
The Ram Navami and Hanuman Jayanti, Dussehra, Diwali is celebrated as the festival of joy.

how to reach
Road: Bikaner Bus Stand 57 km from the temple.
By Train: The nearest railway station in Bikaner, which is 58 km away.
By Air: The nearest airport is located in Jodhpur.