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Popular souvenirs to pick up from Rajasthan

Time flies away leaving behind memories to ruminate! Every place has its unique history and heritage and thus no trip is complete unless you have collected a handful of some local items to keep the memories alive for the rest of your life. We have listed some of the most important souvenirs that you can collect during your trip to Rajasthan.

Rajasthan Souvenirs

1) Paintings
No matter whether you are an artist, a painting lover or a normal buyer, the paintings from Rajasthan will always be unique in your collection. The paintings which reflect the rich culture and tradition of the bygone era will enhance the beauty of your walls.

2) Jewelry
Jodhpuri bangles are famous all over the country for their vibrant style. Pick up a pair or two and gift someone special in your life. You can also choose from a wide variety of anklets, bracelets, ear rings and so on.

3) Handicrafts
No matter what you buy during your trip, be sure to add some handicraft items in your collection. A huge variety of puppets, small wooden miniatures, replica of significant events and monuments can be a great treat to your office desk, shelves and drawing room.

4) Designer shoes and clothes
You might have seen in movies how colorful and magnificent the traditional Rajasthani outfits looks! Be it a saree, a salwar kameez or a shoe there is no doubt about the uniqueness of these garments. Even if you don’t wear these, you can still keep these items as a memorabilia.

5) Colorful umbrellas
Umbrellas are perhaps the rarest items we buy during a trip, right? But if the umbrellas are especially from the land of culture and heritage then it becomes a totally different matter. If you happen to spot designer local umbrellas then do not think twice! Bring home and flaunt your collection to your friends and relatives.Rajasthan Souvenirs


Rajasthan being a culturally rich state offers a number of other souvenirs apart from the categories mentioned above. Keep your eyes open and you are sure to find interesting and unique collectible to cherish for years to come.