People and Culture of Rajasthan

The illuminating life, the folklore of its heroism and romance are all captured in the vigorous and expressive music of this desert land. The land of royalty is a clinquant jewel set in the golden sands of a sterile deserts landscape. The light that emulates the golden sands immerses a land acclaimed for its exuberant colors, people in bright clothes and beautiful jewelry, living in cities surrounded by towering forts and palaces that rise from the sands like a fantasy. Every corner of Rajasthan glees and compels tourists to fall in love with it. Read more to get acquainted with the affluent and alluring culture of Rajasthan.

People and Culture of Rajasthan


The people have a fascinating zest for life and are as jovial as conscientious. Like the rest of India, Rajasthan is a diverse land with people from various states and cities. The warm and amicable nature of its people will make you fall in love with them. Heartfelt hospitality is a part of culture of Rajasthan. Few of the most important communities of Rajasthan are Rajputs, Jats, Brahmans and the traders. The state of Rajasthan is an amalgamation of people from different tribes and castes.


There are numerous exquisite dance forms in Rajasthan which are so engaging and vibrant that they are bent to induce you to tap a foot or two. Folk dances are a part of traditions of Rajasthan. Some of the most popular folk dances are Ghumar and Jhumar that are performed on special occasions. What meets the eye more is that keeping mortal the various dance forms are not the professional dancers but the everyday men and women of Rajasthan.


The lavishness and multifariousness of Rajasthani music comes from the old and well preserved Rajasthan Culture. Music which is rich, expressive, valiant, melancholic and joyful governs all aspects of the lives of the people of Rajasthan. The voices both of male and female are strong and melodious. The profuse songs sung by the women of the city reflect the various feminine moods and strong family ties that govern their lives. The mellow singing of the Rajasthani men and women is accompanied by music from instruments like the Baara and Algoza that usually accord a beat to neutralize the poetry.


Rajasthan is a place where cooking food is treated as an art form. From time immemorial Rajasthan has been known for its delicious lip-smacking delicacies. Rajasthani cooking was swayed by the war-like lifestyle of its dwellers and the availability of ingredients in the region. Scarcity of water, fresh green vegetables because of the arid land have all had their consequences on the cooking. The finest and most popular Rajasthani food is the combination of dal, bati and churma but for the courageous traveler, eager to experiment, there is a lot of variety available. Besides spicy flavors, each city is distinguished by its array of sweets.



Rajasthan is one of the most well endowed states of India when it comes to the field of Arts and Crafts. Each period of history saw its own contribution to the thriving art scene. History of Rajasthan divulges that the kings were patrons of arts and crafts and they aided their craftsmen in activities ranging from wood and marble carving to weaving, pottery and painting. It may have been a result of the war-like style of living of the people of Rajasthan which sharpened their ingenious senses, picturesque skills and encouraged them to create the most ostentatious and vibrant of treasures.