PBM Hospital Bikaner

Two State Hospitals in the memory of Prince Bijay Singh were erected By His Highness Ganga Singh Ji in 1937 and were flame as Prince Bijay Singh Memorial Men’s Hospital (316 beds) and Prince Bijay Singh Memorial Women’s Hospital (215 beds) respectively. pbm hospital bikaner full name is   prince (P) bijaysingh (B) memorial (M) hospital bikaner .

Dr. D.G. Ojha, when he was the Principal in 1964, discovered out of a heap of old records a bound detailed plan worked in late thirties with cross sections and costs plan of a future Medical College in Bikaner. It is amazing to note that the site and shape of the college as built today was identical to the one planned by the great ruler, minus the tail end of back block, which Dr. D.G. Ojha got completed in late sixties). Had a medical college been started in Bikaner at that time it would have been 13th in the country

PBM Hospital in Bikaner

PBM Hospital in Bikaner

On the eve of Golden Jubilee of his reign, a hospital for tuberculosis patients was also built with a cost of Rs 2,25,000/ – having 92 beds. Another addition was that of children’s ward in the P.B.M. Women’s Hospital, the fund for which was provided from the privy purse of His Highness Maharaja Ganga Singh Ji.

The provision was made for purchase of costly equipments and employment of various specialists to update the standard of the treatment. As a result, Many new doctors joined the P.B.M. Men’s and Women’s Hospitals.

Other developments included i) starting of Ganga X-ray and Radium Institute, the radium institute was the first in the Northen India at that time. ii) starting the Sadul Military Hospital iii) Increasing the post of doctors from two to three in Royal Palace Hospital.

In February 1943, When H.H. Ganga Singh Ji left untimely for his heavenly abode, the development of state as a whole including the medical department came to a standstill.

After 1943, many departments were separated and as a result dental, X-ray and clinical laboratory and research department made their independent existence.

With the formation of Rajasthan in 1949, the medical services were amalgamated and many of the specialists of Bikaner State Medical Services joined S.M.S. Medical College at Jaipur. In fact, out of all the specialists there, about 50% were from the Bikaner State Medical Service and the balance from the remaining 25 states in fact, excluding Medical Colleges, Bikaner, Jodhpur and Baroda were the only three hospitals (to the east of suez) recognized for house surgeon’s post for F.R.C.S. (London) since 1946.

After the formation of Rajasthan, the Bikaner, the state to provide half of the state’s specialist, lagged behind due to political reasons, as most of the times, it was represented by the opposition M.L.A..

However, presently PBM hospital is considered as one of the biggest hospitals of Rajasthan. It has total bed capacity of approximately 1700. It has a wide range of laboratory and diagnostic facilities. It includes a number of separate hospitals and research centres imparting valuable medical services to patients. Separate Eye and ENT hospital was constructed in 2002 while Acharya Tulsi Regional Cancer Research Centre took its shape in 2003. Diabetes Care & Research Centre, the first research centre in government sector of India fully dedicated to diabetes care, started to serve mankind in 2007. Recently constructed Geriatric Research Centre has strengthened the versatility of PBM Hospital


Hospital Name : PBM Hospital
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