Music and Dance of Rajasthan

Popular Music and Dance forms of Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a state of culture, traditions and heritage. And richness of Rajasthan culture reflects in its music and cinema. Music was given utmost priority during the rules of Rajput Kings. Over the centuries if there is one thing which has been soothing people in this Desert State, it is the enchanting music coupled with some magnificent dance forms. It is nearly impossible to cover all the existing dance and music varieties of this culturally diverse and rich state. But we have tried our best to highlight the most significant ones.

Music of Rajasthan
i) Panihari Songs: Usually describes the chores centered around wells and water which forms the base of Rajasthani culture. Normal day to day routine work of a woman’s life is reflected in the lyrics of these songs.
ii)Langa Musicians: For about 4 centuries this community has been actively involved in providing music to the society. Generally the practical subjects of life, marriages, ceremonies are reflected in the songs and words of this community.
iii) Folk Songs: There are a number of occasions where folk songs are sung. Starting from romantic tunes to the songs describing glorious wars and battles the folk songs are a major part of rajasthani music.

Rajasthani Dance forms
After music, the next thing that comes in mind is Dance. There is no short of various forms of traditional dance
i) Chari Dance: You might have seen in televisions where dancers place a number of pots in their head and dance to the tunes of local music. This is the famous Chari dance of Rajasthan where the main themes are important life events like marriage, child birth etc.
ii) Gair Dance: This dance is especially linked with the Indian festival Holi.
iii) Kacchi-ghodi: This form of Dance is a treat to eyes where the dancers tie dummy horse shaped toys around their waist. A feel of Rajasthan’s royal culture reflects in this dance.
iv) Ghoomar: The list of Rajasthani dance forms would be incomplete without the mention of Ghoomar. It is a traditional dance of rajput women who performs this art during auspicious occasions and important festivals. The word came from ‘Ghoom’ or ‘Ghooma’ which means circular movement.
There are some other dance forms such as Kalbelia Dance, Teraah Taal, Bhavai and so on. For first timers the experience of watching any of these above mentioned dance form will be a blissful one.

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