Mewar festival of Udaipur

In India every single event is celebrated in a grand way and the Mewar festival of Udaipur which celebrates the arrival of spring, is not an exception to this. If there is one word to describe Mewar festival it would be ‘gorgeous’. Bright colored garments, cheerful faces, folk songs and dances lay the foundation of this festival. Usually held in the first week of April every year this festival is a reflection of the rich Rajasthani culture and heritage.


Temples and walls of the Mewar Kumbhalgarth Fortress in the Aravalli Hills in Rajasthan in western India. Kumbhalgarh fort has perimeter walls that extend 36 kilometres in length, which makes it the third longest in the world after the Great Wall of China and the Great Wall of Gorgan in Iran. The frontal walls are fifteen feet thick.

The lovely city of Udaipur comes to its best form in these 3 days of colorful event. People of all ages, especially women come dressed in bright colored traditional outfits which add spark to the event. No matter whether you are a tourist, a local businessman, a passionate photographer or a participant, this festival has something for everyone who attends it. Not to mention are the foreign tourists for whom this festival provides a chance to know about India’s rich tradition from closer vicinity.

Various worth mentioning events like Rangoli competition, folk song and folk dances, exhibition of traditional crafts and items take place during the span of three days. A number of handicraft items can be seen in small stalls set across the town. You can buy a handful of unique showpieces and wooden crafts for your loved ones back home.
This festival has a special significance in the lives of people of Udaipur. Couples gather together to offer their prayers to Shiv and Parwati and seek blessings for a healthy, happy and fruitful life. A big procession is held which passes through the lanes and streets of Udaipur before the idols are immersed in river. Magnificent display of fire crackers marks the end of the festival.

Over the years if there is one thing that has not changed, then it is the enthusiasm of people regarding this festival. Cultural heritage is given a top priority here which can be seen in all the events that are organized in this festival. So attend the festival and be a part of a unique festival of an amazingly diverse and royal Indian state.