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Medical tourism in Rajasthan

Medical tourism can be largely regarded as the economic malaise medical equipment hidden in harmony with the tourism industry for imperfect surgical and other forms of specific treatment of patients. This document is genuine, with the assistance areas of the complex, assembled in the medical difficulties as fit as the tourism industry – both civil and hidden. The approach of medical leave is to provide tourists a wonderful opportunity to get away from the daily routine and be willed to another soothing surrounding. While patients like to be on the edge of the sea and the mountains, they will receive an orientation to help them rise their lives in terms of health, happiness and overall well-being. Medical tourism is similar to conversion, to put in order the processes on all levels: physical, emotional and mental. Rajasthan will soon attract patients from neighboring countries, like he was going to announce the best health care packages for foreign nationals as part of its package of medical tourism
Colorful Rajasthan has gained global consideration for medical tourism. This state is proving well-liked of the global medical tourism spot. The state of Rajasthan to identify a specific roadmap to improve medical education and medical sightseeing. Nevertheless, there is a no-win situation, that is, the shareholders will have to pay at least 50 million rupees (one million dollars), to make the most of the plan.

The Government of India also knows the value of Rajasthan as a medical tourism destination and therefore has adopted a series of measures to promote the medical industry here. Actively promote Rajasthan as a medical tourism gave him some of the best and world-renowned hospitals. Indian Government’s policy entitled “Policies to promote private investment in health facilities” boost alternative medical streams like Ayurveda, homeopathy and naturopathy as well.


PBM Hospital Bikaner

Why Medical Tourism in Rajasthan
Undoubtedly, Rajasthan has been a time-honored and well-being of medical tourism in India. They have made intensive efforts to encourage health tourism in a huge way, which will take place in a huge increase of visitors arriving in the state. In fact, Rajasthan and Ayurveda were identical with each other. On the other hand, despite the fact that much of Rajasthan Ayurveda paying attention to his Transaction extensive health treatments, pharmaceuticals, and most excellent conditions can also be obtained in other forms of traditional medicine in addition to innovative medical procedures. As a result, Rajasthan will soon create a center of attention for patients from neighboring countries, as established for the promotion of improved health packages for foreign nationals as part of its medical tourism package. Apparently, the government does not seek to attract the attention of patients from the West and other urbanized countries. On the other hand, through this guiding principle, they will offer advanced medical services to patients who come from neighboring countries such as Nepal, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and so on. In addition, department administrators said that thanks to the free medical system, patients coming from neighboring countries increased more than before. Currently, the state government targeting patients who have a need for “a fatal withdrawal” from neighboring countries.

Manas Arogya Sadan Heartcare in partnership with Multi-specialty hospital for 30 years, is expected to be operational in September 2012.

In addition, the state government confirmed that the Bombay Hospital will also come up in Jaipur as the process of land allocation Jaipur Development Authority in the final stages.Medical tourism in Rajasthan is a rapidly growing opportunity for people to re-establish itself, as well as to discover the culture and heritage Rajasthan.

Best  Hospitals in  Rajasthan


The state is blessed with some of the world-class hospitals where treatment is as good as Western countries, but the price is much lower than these. Some of the renowned hospitals of Rajasthan are given below, where you can get healthy and recover soon.
Fortis Escorts Hospital, Jaipur
SK Soni Hospital, Jaipur
Santokba Durlabhji Memorial Hospital, Jaipur
Hospital Bhagwan Mahaveer Cancer and Research Centre, Jaipur
Apex Pvt hospitals. Ltd. Jaipur
Sahai Hospital and Research Centre, Jaipur
Tongia Heart and General Hospital, Jaipur
SRM Hospital Eye, Jaipur
Dhanwantri Hospital and Research Centre, Jaipur
Jaipur Calgary Eye Hospital, Jaipur

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