Kolayat Festival, Rajasthan


Apart from forts, towers, castles and magnificent Mahals, Rajasthan is also famous for hosting a number of world famous fairs which differs from one another in their own unique ways. Each fair has its own specialty and the Kolayat fair is not an exception to this.
Credited to be Bikaner’s largest fair, the Kolayat falls during the month of October- November every year where a large number of cattle are traded. This fair is also important as it is considered sacred to take a dip in the town’s holy lake. This place has a special significance for Hindus as there are a number of temples situated near the lake along with 52 ghats. On the evening of the fair people assemble in lafge numbers to offer dip-mallika where lighted lamps are floated in the lakes. Aarti is offered twice a day along with traditional bhog.

Kolayat Festival, Rajasthan
The Kolayet fair is also famous as the Kapil Muni fair which derived its name from the famous ancient Indian sage Kapil Muni who according to legends meditated here. The city of Kolayet experiences devotees throughout the year who come in search of peace and blessings from almighty. However during this time of the year when it hosts the fair the attendance of devotees and travelers increases many folds.
Some useful information about the Koylat fair:
Location: Bikaner distrcit , Rajasthan
Best time to visit: October- November
Communication: Direct train from Bikaner railway station to Kolayat .

Things to do here:
i) Take a holy dip in the ghats of Koylat
ii) Enjoy the religious and divine atmosphere by visiting the temples.
iii) Attend the arti and take prasada.
iv) Offer Deep-Mallika in the evening.

Things not to do:
Before attending the fair you need to be aware of some moral etiquette so that you do not end up creating a mess:
i) Keep in mind that it is a religious place. DO NOT make chaos or any form of disturbance that can hamper someone else’s devotion.
ii) DO NOT throw litters, plastic bags or food items anywhere. Keep the place clean.