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How to Register Cyber Crime Report of Cyber Crime with Rajasthan Police

How to Register Cyber Crime Report of Cyber Crime with Rajasthan Police

Anything done to a person who is harmful and disastrous by using the internet is called Cyber Crime. Today’s society is highly interacted. Generation of today stays connected with internet. As their whole work and life revolves around the Internet.

The police station has advanced features present, cell equipped with efficient and cyber savvy staff is ready to crack cyber-crimes in and outside Rajasthan. As per statistics of National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB), Rajasthan holds a fourth position in 2011 list of highest number of cybercrimes in the country.

Cyber Crime

Man, sitting behind a small desk, stacked with computer gear, committing cyber crime. The cyber criminal at work

According to Police sources, the place has provided an aid of Rs 3 crore for setting up a cyber police stations so as to catch the targeted person. By setting this cyber police, has got success in stopping cyber-crimes by arresting criminals by fooling people through fake internet lotteries.

Government officially announced that internet should be used under restrictions so as to keep a check on terrorism.

These are some of the sensitive issues which should be protected by Government and Rajasthan users.

  • The law provides 7 years of imprisonment for recurring, funding and planning of terrorism online if found while investigating. The law also carries a penalty of three years for spoofing.
  • Governments are now taking strict actions that are found with criminal activity or creating violence in web posting.
  • Facebook, Google and Twitter are the main reasons which are creating mishappenings and it should be stopped.
  • According to digital rights organizations more than 30 million of Rajasthan residents are using the internet mainly on Mobile phones.

Here are some steps which will guide the person on How to Register Cyber Crime Report of Cyber Crime with Rajasthan Police-

  • 1st Write an application in the name head of cyber-crime cell.
  • Provide the following things with the application
  • Name
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Telephone No.
  • In case of identity theft, you must collect evidence against the impersonator and then file a formal complaint attaching all the details.
  • The person may file the complaint from any cyber cell of any of the cities and also send direct email or can send email at Cyber Cell Police station in Rajasthan.

Internet is a blessing and a curse for the human being. To check the increasing numbers of cyber-crimes, the Jaipur police has set its way so as to investigate properly.

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How to Register Cyber Crime Report

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