How to prepare for bank exams by self study

How to prepare for bank exams by self study

Now a days there are a number of Institutes are available who gives you the assurance that you will be selected in the competitive exams of banking. But the question is that ,Do they succeed in this?  And the answer will be “No”.  A very few people get selected from these institutes.

Why do this happen. The institute provides same lectures, same notes, same knowledge to each student and give same to each student. Still some of them get selected and the others left behind. The reason behind it is ” The Self Study “. Those who do their regular self study got success and the others just missed the chance. So for the preparation for such competitive exams institutes are not necessary but the self studies are compulsory.

how to prepare for bank exam at home

What do these institutes do?  They tells you about the exam pattern, then they will provide you the notes about the syllabus, they will teach you how to solve the problems in given time, they will take regular tests, and will train you to solve the paper in the given time. But all these things you can also do without the coaching. You have the internet, where everything is available. So if you really want to crack the exam then all you need is to just start the preparation on your own and be dedicated to your studies and goals.

Firstly check the syllabus. Then make your time table according to it. And strictly follow it. Never miss a single day to study. Search for the best books on the internet and the market, then purchase only the books of the authorized writers. Don’t purchase local writer’s book, it can misguide you as these books may contain wrong information about any topic. If you will read the authorized book then later you can claim the exam board for miscalculation of your sheet.

how to prepare for bank exam at home:

There are a number of lectures are available on the internet. Each lecturar have its own unique way of solving the problem, so don’t follow all the lecturars to solve a single problem, you may get confused from this. Instead of this just follow one person’s lecture  which you find ideal.

Read each topic from the scratch so you don’t face any confusion later. And also read each topic step by step. For example practice set and relations first then go for probability.

Be aware about the currently affairs. And keep your general knowledge up to date. Solve all the previous year papers in the given time.

After completion of each topic take a test for that topic. There are a number of websites which provides mock tests for practice. Register with them and give mock tests time to time. And the most important thing just believe in yourself.

So this is the way to crack the competitive exam of banking and you just don’t need any institute for this.

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how to prepare for bank exams by self study

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