History of Rani Padmavati

History of Rani Padmavati

Rani Padmavati spent her life under the care of her father Gandharvsena and mother Champavati. Padmini had a talking parrot that is known by Hiramani. Her father decided a Swayamvara, a ritual where all kings and Rajputs are summoned to win the hand of the princess by presenting their strong points and admissibility.

King Rawal Ratan Singh returned to Chittor along with his very beautiful second wife, Queen Padmini. He won her hand by defeating a small state king, Malkhan. She was the wife of King Rawal Ratan Singh of Chittor.

rani pdmawati

Rani Padmavati was famous for her beauty and perfect attractiveness. She was one of the allegorical figures for her womanhood and sacrifice.  She was very delicate as one could easily see water passing by her throat when she drank water and same is the situation when she eats betel leaves. Many poems have also been written by the poet Mallik Mohammed Jayasi in 1540 AD.

At the times of Rani Padmavati, Chittor was ruled by brave and noble Rajput warrior, King Ratan Rawal Singh, a noble warrior king and he is also known for supporters of graphic arts. He was the loving husband of Rani Padmavati. There are many craftsmen, dancers, musicians, poets, singers etc. were greeted and flattered by the King. Raghav Chetak the talented Courtiers in his court was one of the famous musician and same time he was also a magician. But this secret is not known by everyone. He used to hide his talent and only uses it on his rivals. But, he was caught while practicing black magic which was not liked by the King. Due to this reason, he got expelled from the empire. This reason gave the birth to the enmity in the heart of Raghav Chetak.

The Delhi Sultan Ala-ud-din Khilji (1296-1316) decided to conquer Chittor which is the capital of Mewar. He has heard more about the beauty of Queen Rani Padmavati who was the wife of Rawal Ratan Singh. His lust over Rani Padmavati gave him a reason to march on Chittor. He was unable to rule over the Chittor but somehow he was able to convenience King Rawal Ratan Singh that he wanted to meet his wife Rani Padmavati once. But, his lustiness and lust made all the queens of the Chittor to suicide through Jauhar. Thus a halo of honor is given to their supreme sacrifice.