History of Karni Mata Temple Deshnok Bikaner

History of Karni Mata Temple Deshnok Bikaner


The track is located in Jodhpur, Durga temple is dedicated to Karni Mata -an embodiment. Maharaja Ganga Singh ji Temple silver gates and the most attractive feature of the temple complex in donations within the rodents that were freely migrating attractive spacious marble carvings and touches your feet, then it is considered auspicious. They are considered sacred and devotees to offer them offerings (feeding) buy.

History of Karni Mata Temple Deshnok Bikaner


Deshnok 30 km from Bikaner district , is located in a small town, which is that of the 15th century Karni Devi Temple is a holy place. Mughal style by Maharaja Ganga Singh of Bikaner temple was completed. After a well-known jeweler in Hyderabad, Kundanlal Verma helped enhance the look of the temple. He also huge silver trowel Devi temple gates and marble carvings donated.

The Karni Devi, poor social life in the service of the poor and needy people who work that is considered to be a mystic woman. Deshnok laid the foundation of the city, which is one. History says, Karni Mata’s youngest son and his son drowned in the river to bring back Lord Yama (God of death) asked. Lord Yama life for her son and that she refused to give back to the Goddess Durga incarnated as. He restored his son’s life and his family members declared no longer dying. The fact that all members of his family were embodied in mice.


Karni Devi temple is dipped in the beauty of white marble. With its majestic silver door grand reception to welcome all the devotees. Inside the temple ‘crown’ in his hand ‘trident’ with holding an idol of goddess Karni punishment. There are thousands of rats around her legs. Trowel on both sides of the goddess, her sisters sculptures. More than 20,000 rats in the temple and feed them regularly. In the courtyard of a temple can see many rat holes. And other birds of prey to protect these mice, the courtyard is covered with wire fences and grills.

Karni Ji, who was in jail in Multan Rao Bhatti’s Pugal Shekha arranged her marriage with the Doughter. The wedding procession and the bride’s father, as was necessary in the presence of the circuit function, Karniji, in the shape of an eagle flew to Multan Shekha brought with him to meet and function caused.

Temple “Kaaba”, known as the White Rat homes. This white rat is crossing her legs, so is considered auspicious. Even a glimpse of the rat is considered to be a boon for worship. Twice a year, the festival is held in honor of the goddess Karni. Festival blessed by goddess Karni thousands of devotees from all over the world to join in the grand fair is after.

Karni Mata Fair:

Karni Mata temple in Rajasthan‘s unique adored by residents but also by pilgrims from various parts of the country is not History of Karni Mata Temple Deshnok Bikanerrespected. In time, even foreigners from various countries visit the Karni Mata Temple. Twice a year, a grand fair “Deshnok”, a beautiful town in Bikaner area is held at the Karni Mata. A grand fair (1 a) “Chaitra Shukla tenth” until “Chaitra Shukla Ekam” start “Navratri” time is held between the months of March and April. This huge fair hosts of pilgrims coming here from distant places attract between takes. 2 fair “Navratri” during the period, which is held between the months of September and October. The “Ashwin Shukla tenth” until “Ashwin Shukla,” is held. (Devotees gets rewarded wants) on each occasion the Karni Mata devotees offer gold and silver.

According to legend, was born on October 2 1387. The temple is named after the Karni Mata, he miraculously cured her aunt’s six-year-old earned honorable name trowel. A festival for the goddess Karni is celebrated twice a year. A grand fair trowel comes from around the world and thousands of devotees of the goddess take the blessings of the goddess, where is held at the time.

Slowly but surely, Karni Mata Temple trust and appreciation is growing and countless people every year to the wonderful blessings of the goddess of the temple started to travel.

Best time to visit

From October to March, especially in the winter season, at any time of the year you can visit Karni Devi Temple. Karni Devi temple daily, 4: 00-10: 00 is open.


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