Gangaur festival of Rajasthan

Every year around March end and beginning of April the city of Udaipur goes in festival mode for a long span of 18 days to welcome spring season in its own unique way. As soon as the celebration of Holi gets over across the country, this festival begins in full swing across the city.

Gangaur festival is an occasion where the people, especially women assemble to offer prayers to goddess Gauri for a better and happier life. Newlywed couples as well as matured unmarried girls fast for 18 days in order to get a bliss full married life. On the last day of the festival women dressed in exclusively bright clothes coupled with glorious ornaments glittering to their very best march toward the famous Gangaur ghat of Udaipur carrying the clay idols in their head. People distribute Ghewar, a popular Rajasthani sweet item among friends, relatives, neighbours and close ones.

On the last day during the procession various devotional songs in local languages are sung by women describing Goddess Gauri’s departure to her husband’s place. The Gangaur ghat is decorated like a princess prior this event and the lovely view of the ghat drenched in color is a treat to the eyes. Over the years this unique Rajasthani festival has gained immense attention from people all over the country. Even the foreign tourists who come to witness this festival takes back with them some unforgettable memories to cherish.

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The origin of this festival dates back to the ages of kings and warriors. Over the centuries this festival has been celebrated by various generations in the same enthusiasm and energy. If you are planning to visit rajasthan during this time of the year do make sure that you attend the festival at least for a day. The vibrant color, the melodious folk songs and enchanting dances, the traditions and the devotion of people are worth seeing.
Things to do as a tourist:
If you are attending this event as a tourist then,
i) Carry a camera to capture the incredible rituals and traditional panorama with your lens.
ii) Buy some local handicraft items from numerous stalls set up near the venue.
iii) Enjoy the folk songs and dances.