Fairs and Festivals of Rajasthan

When we think about Rajasthan, we think of colors and brightness, royalty and hospitality, celebrations and feasts, music and dance, culture and tradition, history and heritage. You will get a very nice experience of Fairs and Festivals of Rajasthan.

Baba Ramdev Fair in Runicha Jaisalmer : A wonderful pilgrim centre which symbolises national unity and communal harmony as devotees of all religion come here to pay homage, The majestic Shri Ramdev temple at Ramdevra, Runicha, 13 kms from Pokram in Jaisalmer district, houses the shrine of Ramdev. He is believed to have been incarnated on earth for the benefit of humanity and was born in the houses of Ajmalji in the Tomar Rajput family

Ramdevra annually Badwa Badwa from Sudi Sudi dooj Ekadashi that fills a huge fair. The fair starts with dooj Mangala arati. Communal gesture of goodwill to join this event and vows not to seek Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Punjab,

Haryana, Madhya Pradesh and other states millions Sraddhalujn arrive in droves. No pedestrian traffic so no vehicles Ramdevra reaches through. Runicha arrived there seems to be unique to the sixth. In the days of the fair, “Runicha” becomes the new city. Fairs are held on the occasion of Jmmen awakening and stores are also provided.

Fair to look at several kilometer long queues of devotees of Baba appeared to cheer the move. On the occasion of this fair Panchayat Committee and state government are involved in the full system.

The fair of Magh month, in addition to the Fair fills. Her “Magh Mela” is called. Badwa Fair crowd of people who get bored with those awful “Magh Mela” is included in the course and in the temple and Dok Sraddhabhibhut is put.

Fair captivating views, pleasing, charming, and a symbol of harmony and brotherhood which is all experience. All passengers of the mouth of the same address, “Jai Babe necessary” implies feels.

Kolayat Festival, Rajasthan : Each fair has its own specialty and the Kolayat fair is not an exception to this. Credited to be Bikaner’s largest fair, the Kolayat falls during the month of October- November every year where a large number of cattle are traded. This fair is also important as it is considered sacred to take a dip in the town’s holy lake. This place has a special significance for Hindus as there are a number of temples situated near the lake along with 52 ghats. On the evening of the fair people assemble in lafge numbers to offer dip-mallika where lighted lamps are floated in the lakes. Aarti is offered twice a day along with traditional bhog.

Karni Mata Temple Deshnok Bikaner: Karni Devi temple is dipped in the beauty of white marble. With its majestic silver door grand reception to welcome all the devotees. Inside the temple ‘crown’ in his hand ‘trident’ with holding an idol of goddess Karni punishment. There are thousands of rats around her legs. Trowel on both sides of the goddess, her sisters sculptures. More than 20,000 rats in the temple and feed them regularly. In the courtyard of a temple can see many rat holes. And other birds of prey to protect these mice, the courtyard is covered with wire fences and grills. The Karani Mata fair is organized at the Karani Mata temple Deshnok Bikaner.This temple is very famous for the approximately 25000 alive black rats, this fair is held twice a year March to April and October to November.

 Nagaur Fair: Counted among the best fairs in India this fair can undoubtedly give you a unique experience in your lifetime. This unusual fair of Nagaur district which falls between Jodhpur and Bikaner holds the 2nd position in the list of most famous fairs in India.

The Popular Nagaur Fair Held every year in the month of January- February this fair lasts for a week which attracts thousands of curious travelers and tourists from different parts of country. A variety of animals starting from cattles, bullocks, camels and horses are traded by owners who comes from every corner of the state. The animals are finely decorated so as to lure the buyers who spend handsome amount to buy these animals. Apart from animals, wooden crafts, animal leather accessories and fancy items are also kept in Other activities.

Famous Pushkar Fair: About 15 kms away from Ajmer lies the peaceful and beautiful small town of Pushkar which over the decades have made an impact in boosting the tourism of the state. Every year during the last week of November this small town of Rajasthan hosts thousands of enthusiastic travelers and tourists from world over on the occasion of the famous Pushkar Camel fair, which undoubtedly is the largest came fair in the world. The 5 days fair which ends at Kartik Purnima is full of interesting events which otherwise is difficult to witness anywhere else.

Famous Pushkar Fair:

Sacred Puskhar lake (Sagar) and ghats of town Pushkar in twilight in the evening, Rajasthan, IndiaLarge numbers of camels are traded in these 5 days by people coming from far and wide. Once the trading is over the most beautiful and high breed camels are paraded to cheer up the huge audience.

Camel Festival in Bikaner:  Bikaner is a well-connected city with the nearest airport at Jodhpur, regular train services from Delhi, Allahabad, Kolkata etc. and the travellers can also opt for bus services, rent car or jeep from the neighboring states.

Camel Festival in Bikaner

This festival’s main emphasize is to increase the value of Camels. Bikaner Camel Festival is an annual festival dedicated to the surly, hardy animal i.e. Camel. This festival cordially invites the public who want to enjoy the colorful festival with full excitement and enjoyment. This festival serves its dedication to the tough animals that stay in this harsh desert conditions.

The Camel Festival in Bikaner district  is a two day affair. This festival is full of colorful events and camels are elegantly decorated as they are the only center of attraction. This carnival starts with a parade of attractively garlanded camels which in itself is an exciting scene against the red environment of the Junagarh Fort. The second day belongs to camel races. The festival concludes with the expected fireworks, fire dances which add glamour to the festivities, which brings lots of celebrations and continues with lots of excitements.



Gangaur Festival of Rajasthan: Every year around March end and beginning of April the city of Udaipur goes in festival mode for a long span of 18 days to welcome spring season in its own unique way. As soon as the celebration of Holi gets over across the country, this festival begins in full swing across the city.

Gangaur Festival of Rajasthan

Gangaur festival is an occasion where the people, especially women assemble to offer prayers to goddess Gauri for a better and happier life. Newlywed couples as well as matured unmarried girls fast for 18 days in order to get a bliss full married life. On the last day of the festival women dressed in exclusively bright clothes coupled with glorious ornaments glittering to their very best march toward the famous Gangaur ghat of Udaipur carrying the clay idols in their head. People distribute Ghewar, a popular Rajasthani sweet item among friends, relatives, neighbours and close ones.