Boarding Schools Rajasthan

Boarding schools are a child’s nightmare because of the intense discipline and stern training schedule. Imagine what if boarding could be fun. Envision a school which is not only an ordinary boarding school but a training ground for a child’s overall growth and progress.
A lot of you might have an underdeveloped and backward image of Rajasthan, but it is taking leaps and bounds on the path of growth. It is place where culture, art and chivalry blends together to form a new definition at every step.
Sending your child to a new place and that too for studies, where you cannot monitor him every hour is a tough decision for parents. But if you want your child to learn the ethnic manner of art and folk along with full fledged academic knowledge then you can definitely opt from the top boarding schools in Rajasthan. Each boarding school in this desert land is immensely qualified in itself but there are some names which are stated as the oasis of knowledge.
Pioneering since 114 years, Birla Pilani School, Rajasthan stands on the pinnacle of excellent infrastructure and challenging academics. Adding to the list are some more renowned schools like Narmada Devi Singhania International School, St. Mary’s High School, Children’s Academy and Lala Kamlapat Singahnia Education Centre to name a few. Some of these are residential boarding schools. Besides this, if you want to train your child to pursue a respectful career in the field of defense and military, then you can admit your child to Dholpur Military School, Rajasthan.
This CBSE boarding school is closely observed under the Defense ministry of our country. Therefore, you can imagine the immaculate future of your child with its quality education and tremendous activities to make your child a brawny warrior. Rajasthan boarding schools will never disappoint you even if you are thinking about the career of your girl child. People have a delusion that this place lacks in the growth of female section. Giving a dimension to the development of girls, Banasthali Vidyapith, a legendary girls boarding school in Rajasthan can be called a home away from your home offering holistic education, advanced infrastructure and overall security for every girl. Building the confidence and courage in every girl to combat in every field with flying colors is the sole aim of this educational institution.
So what are you waiting for? Choose the best boarding school in Rajasthan and let your child be proud of his country’s traditional roots and innovative education system.