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There is no second thought to the fact that Rajasthan holds more history than any other place in entire India. The culture, diversity, majesty, heritage, diverse landscapes, tourist attraction, safaris and sand dunes are unparalleled in this state. Rajasthan culture includes a lot of folk art and other traditional art forms. There are large number of schools, colleges and universities for students in different part of the state. These educational institutes reflect the modern traits of India. In the past few years, there has been a significant growth in the field of education in Rajasthan. The state government has been making some remarkable efforts to improve the standard of education in the entire state. The fact to be noted is that in 2014, IIT, Medical and CA all India toppers were from Rajasthan.

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Rajasthan has in total of nine universities, 250 colleges, 55, 000 primary schools and 7,400 secondary schools. The state has 23 polytechnic colleges and 152 industrial training institutes [ITI’S] that give vocational training. Kota is well known for its brilliant coaching for engineering and medical entrance examinations. The scope of higher education is quite high. Some of the most famous universities that are helping Rajasthan education match global standards are as follows:

  1. Banasthali Vidyapith

Banasthali Vidyapith is a women’s university which provides an integrated system extending from primary to Ph.D. level. It is the largest residential university for women in the world and is indeed the pride of India.

  1. Birla Institute of Technology And Science Pilani

BITS, Pilani is an institute of higher education and it was formed in its present structure in the year 1964. It has its own national and international campuses in Goa, Hyderabad, Pilani and Dubai. The Government of India’s National Assessment and Accreditation Council rated BITS a five-star institution for the period ending 7 February 2007.



  1. IIT, Jodhpur

Without any doubt, IIT’s are the most prestigious educational institutes of the country. IIT Jodhpur was established recently to increase the opportunity of quality higher education in Rajasthan. Indian Institute of Technology, Jodhpur provides various engineering courses at both graduate and post graduate levels. Post graduate excellence courses are also available at the research level.

  1. University of Rajasthan, Jaipur

University of Rajasthan is one the oldest universities in Rajasthan. It is located in Jaipur and is a public and state university. The university offers various courses for students in and around India and being one of the oldest universities of the state it is well equipped with all facilities. The faculty of the university is remarkable.


Not just this, there are other very well known mba universities in Rajasthan. The state has a high scope of higher education with a literacy rate of 67.06%. Although the rate is below the national average literacy rate of 74.04% and its female literacy rate is also the lowest in the country but the state and the state government are making commendable efforts in raising its male and female literacy rates.


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