Dialects & Languages

The land of Kings and warriors, Rajasthan is home to some of the very popular and culturally rich dialects of India. Rajasthani dialects sound very soothing to the ears of even people staying outside the state and each dialect has its own set of heritage and cultural aspect. So if you are in rajasthan for a few days do listen to the local languages; you would love them!

Though there are 5 principal dialects in Rajasthan, English and Hindi are widely spoken and understood throughout the major cities and town of the state.
Marwari: Undoubtedly the most widely spoken dialect in Rajasthan, the Marwari language is popular especially around the western parts of the state. Mainly around the district of Jodhpur there is a strong belt of Marwaris. People speaking Marwari dialect finds its presence across all the regions and districts of the state. Thus very rightly it is termed as the official language of Rajasthan.
Dhundari: If you travel across the districts of Jaipur, Kota, Bundi, Ajmer and parts of Kishangarh, you are sure to find a large group of people speaking this dialect. It is also the second largest spoken language in Rajasthan after Marwari.
Malwi: With an approximately 10 million speakers, this language of Malwa region is also the official language of Madhya Pradesh. This dialect has a strong relationship with Marwari and jaipuri language. Other names of this dialect are Malwada, Mallow and Malavi.
Harauti: About 4 million people in Bundi, Kota and Jhalawar districts speak Harauti. This dialect is also found in some parts of Madhya pradesh. This dialect is also known as Hadothi, Havauti, Hadoti, Hadauti and so on.
Mewari: A strong 5 million people around Rajsamand, Bhilwara, Udaipur, and Chittorgarh Districts of Rajasthan speaks this Dialect. Various renowned literatures, poems and songs in Mewari language increases its significance.