Cool facts about Rajasthan you didn’t know- Part 1

The more you explore Rajasthan, the more awed you are. We start a multi-part series of some cool Rajasthan facts. Tick mark the ones you know and take pride.

Vintage retro hipster style travel image of Rajasthan travel

Vintage retro hipster style travel image of Rajasthan travel background – Indian cameleer (camel driver) with camels in dunes of Thar desert. Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India

Rajasthan, the state of colors and festivals, once used to be a part of the world’s oldest civilization, the pre-historic Indus Valley Civilization. At Kalibangan, a town in the Hanumangarh district (close to 200 kms from Bikaner), excavations have revealed ancient items dating back to the ancient Indus Valley Civilization. There has also been the discovery of ploughed fields, which might be the world’s earliest ones.


How about some facts from the Hindu Mythology? You know of Ramayana and Mahabharata right? Both of them are the prime Hindu scriptures.It is believed that Lord Ram spent a few years of his exile in the forests of Rajasthan. So did the Pandavas, from Mahabharata.

Not enough of Hindu Mythology? Ok, here is another good one. Remember Ravana? The king of Lanka? The bad guy in Ramayana?  Rajasthan is where the dude’s in-laws lived.

The ancient city of Mandore, about 10 kms north of Jodhpur, is believed to have been the hometown of Mandodari, his chief wife.Now, this is a cool one. An entire river disappearing magically. Saraswati, is one of the prime ancient rivers, revered by the Hindus. It is believed to have disappeared magically as the Aravali range of mountains emerged.

And now that we are talking about the Aravali, did you know, they are older than the Himalayas?