Baba Ramdev fair in Runicha Jaisalmer

Baba Ramdev Rajasthan in India is a folk-deity. He devoted his life to the upliftment of Dalits, who was a saint of the fourteenth century. Ramdev was a Tanwar Rajput. Hindus regard him as an incarnation of Lord Krishna, the Muslims worship him as Ramshah PIR. He is said to have miraculous powers, and his fame reaches far and wide. Baba Ramdev, believed in the equality of all human beings that they are high or low, rich or poor. He wishes them to help the down-trodden. Ramdev often shown on horseback. Hindu-Muslim divide their worship of race discrimination as well as crosses. His followers also caste Hindus in Sindh in Pakistan and modern day Rajasthan, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh Dalits, Mumbai, Delhi and covers. Many Rajasthani fairs (fairs or festivals) him.Bhagvan Ramdev Maharaj considered by Hindus as an incarnation of Lord Krishna Rajput (Tomar) was a Tunvar are held to celebrate.

Ramdevra devotees of all religions come here to pay homage to the national unity and communal harmony as a symbol which is an amazing pilgrimage site.

Ramdevra, Runicha Mr Ramdev at the majestic temple, 13 km from Pokhran in Jaisalmer district houses Ramdev Temple. He was sent down to Earth for the benefit of humanity and the Ajmalji Tomar Rajput family was born in the house, is considered.
Since childhood, he performed many miracles and won the hearts of the people. He also performed a miracle and killed Bhairav, a dangerous demon.
Ramdev ‘Udu KASHMER’ settled and he acquired a trance and attention has gone into the celestial kingdom, where his place is made as Ramadevra. Yet many people claim to have seen him on horseback do.

Devotees grave sweet, coconut, Makhanas, Egyptian and textile made-horse offer image. There is also a water tank. A dip in it is considered effective for skin diseases. Some creep on the stomach to reach the temple, while some followers, come from great distances on foot.

Attraction Ajmalji king and queen mother, his parents that includes the graves of Meenaldevi Ramapir the temple, which is the tomb-shrine. Other graves of his grandfather and older brother Viramdevji King Ransith Singh and Ramdev has two sons. Baba still many miracles are performed and where devotees offer him as a modern Avtaari known.

A wonderful pilgrim centre which symbolises national unity and communal harmony as devotees of all religion come here to pay homage, The majestic Shri Ramdev temple at Ramdevra, Runicha, 13 kms from Pokram in Jaisalmer district, houses the shrine of Ramdev. He is believed to have been incarnated on earth for the benefit of humanity and was born in the houses of Ajmalji in the Tomar Rajput family

Ramdevra annually Badwa Badwa from Sudi Sudi dooj Ekadashi that fills a huge fair. The fair starts with dooj Mangala arati. Communal gesture of goodwill to join this event and vows not to seek Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Punjab,

Haryana, Madhya Pradesh and other states millions Sraddhalujn arrive in droves.
No pedestrian traffic so no vehicles Ramdevra reaches through. Runicha arrived there seems to be unique to the sixth. In the days of the fair, “Runicha” becomes the new city. Fairs are held on the occasion of Jmmen awakening and stores are also provided.
Fair to look at several kilometer long queues of devotees of Baba appeared to cheer the move. On the occasion of this fair Panchayat Committee and state government are involved in the full system.
The fair of Magh month, in addition to the Fair fills. Her “Magh Mela” is called. Badwa Fair crowd of people who get bored with those awful “Magh Mela” is included in the course and in the temple and Dok Sraddhabhibhut is put.
Fair captivating views, pleasing, charming, and a symbol of harmony and brotherhood which is all experience. All passengers of the mouth of the same address, “Jai Babe necessary” implies feels.

Punrasar Balaji Temple,Bikaner, Rajasthan


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