The Havelis of Rajasthan- Rajasthan Havelis Guide

best heritage havelis in rajasthan

The Havelis of Rajasthan- Rajasthan Havelis Guide

 Rajasthan is one of the largest state in all over India. It is a unique state having very hot weather during day time and very cold weather during night time. It is a place where cactus are found and camels roam around. People living here are very kind hearted and welcome every guests very nicely. They treat their guests just like their family members. Men and womens wear a very different types of clothes over their with a mojari or juti. There are many famous places and havelis to visit in Rajasthan. It is one of the best tourists attraction place in India.

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Rajasthan is just near the northern border of Pakistan. Its palaces, forts and havelis are reminders of the many kingdoms that historically vied for the region. Today we will learn about different beautiful havelis to visit.

  • Shekhavati Havelis
    • The amazing garden of Shekha known as Shekhawati, has been given this prestigious name under a great former ruler Rao Shekha. This haveli is an “Open art gallery of Rajasthan”, containing beautifully carved painting and richly decorated too. Number of havelis are there in Shekhawati, some of them dating back to the 18th century. They are not famous just because of their large sizes but also because of its beauty engraved. These Shekhawati havelis were built by the merchants thus they gained lots of prosperity and success. You will find that all these havelis are made and designed such that it ensures safety, security and privacy of the women folk. It also indicates and supports the protection from the heat during long and clashing summers.
  • Mandawa Haveli
    • It was built in the Jaipur style containing pillars and arches to strengthen uniqueness. Once you visit you can find number of best courtyards, lawns and terraces. From here you can view beautiful Nahargarh Fort, one of the popularly known fort. It is also situated near Shekhawati region. A famous ruler of times, Thakur Devi Singhji, kept this haveli under his guidance. This Mandawa Haveli was later changed in to a hotel with all modern amenities and privileges.
  • Samode Haveli
    • It is one of the oldest but evergreen haveli built over 150 years ago by famous ruler Rawal Sheo Singhji. He was the prime minister at Jaipur court. When you visit this haveli, you will find it as a old mansion, containing amazingly beautiful gardens, courtyards and terraces. It is one of the grand haveli apart from others and contains inner courtyards. It was specially built as a manor house for the royal family of Samode. This haveli is carved such that direct sunlight cannot pass and people can stay calm. It faces toward north side and remains cool all along. You will also feel amazed to see naturally painted dining room and an airy verandah for winds to pass smoothly. You can also notice a breath taking elephant ramp, once you enter the Samode Haveli.
  • Alsisar Haveli
    • This haveli will give you a Rajasthani feeling. Its architecture are carved very amazingly. It contains a large eminent platform that command the central area of the ground floor. Earlier it was used for get-together of the gentlemen of the house. Now in this haveli puppet shows are hosted and folk dances are performed for guests entertainment.

Thus, all these havelis are given extra care and refurbished time to time so that it can look beautiful and new forever. You should also visit these havelis and enjoy its presence in our India.