Reliance Jio offers 100 % cashback on JioFi device JIOFI Exchange offer

Reliance JIO is offering 100% cashback for those who buy the Jiofi device, and with this, exchange an old dongle, router, 4G card. The 100% cashback offer is listed on the JIO website under the Devices Segment. Jiofi is a hotspot device, which relies on a Jio SIM user to power a Wifi hotspot and powers other devices.

So what does 100% cashback scheme work for the Jiofi users? According to the terms and conditions of the offer mentioned on the website, which is under the dial exchange scheme, a user will have to pay Rs. 1,999 to buy a Jiofi online, and in return they will get the benefit of Rs. 2,010.


This Rs 2010 cashback is actually worth 10 top-up vouchers, which is at a price of Rs 201. JIO calls this “100% cashback effective for Jiofi”. So technically, cashback is in the form of some extra data

If you do not have any old dongles to exchange, then the customer who buys online online Jiofi devices will get the benefit of only Rs.1005, which is equivalent to the five top-up vouchers of Rs. 201. It keeps the price of Jiofi device at 998 rupees.

JIO has listed your steps on how you can buy a Jiofi device and discuss the old dongle. For starters, you have to buy the device from the official website. After this, you need to travel to Reliance JIO Store, Digital Express etc., and have to take the original bill, Jiofi box and your old dongle. If you do not have an old dongle, then you still need to go to the store, if you want to claim the benefits of 100 rupees which are going out.

Once again, you need to submit a photo of proof of address (PO), proof of identity (POI), and a passport size to get a SIM to activate Jiofi device.

JIO has also placed a list of eligible counties under this scheme, which can be handed over to the exchange. The list includes dongles from Airtel, Idea, Vodafone, Tata, MTS, RCom, Micromax, D-Link, Huwai, Iball, ZTE, Lava, Intex, Netgear and BSNL. You can not handle the old Jeffi device for the exchange.

After the JIOFi device is activated, you will have to recharge with Rs 99 for a prime subscription, after which you will have to recharg Rs 309 or Rs 509 for the offer of Geo Money Money. After the end of this proposal (the first recharge of money money till 84 days), to maintain this active, you have to recharge minimum of Rs 149 or more.

After the end of the GO Money Money offer period, you will get a kick in the benefit of dongle, but there is a hold here.

The detailed rules and conditions of jio say, “To take advantage of the benefit under the offer, the customer will have to recharge with monthly” voucher “on a monthly basis.” So if you get a recharge of Rs 309 as the first one, you have to do this every month, in order to enjoy a free voucher for your dongle. jio’s terms and conditions also say, “The validity of the 5 GB data will work co-terminus with the base plan.” The validity of these benefits is March 31, 2018.

Offer applicable under both pre-paid and postpaid plans. jiofi devices allow users to access 4G data, also call VOLTE on 2G or 3G smartphones, and connect up to 10 devices.

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